Insight into the evolving cyber-risk profile of your business for executive decision makers.

Cyber-risk awareness across your business means actionable cyber security strategy; effective incident management; and rapid business innovation. 

Your estate is harder to attack and intruders are found sooner.

Novel visualisations and security analytics present holistic, intelligence-rich views of your estate. Meduza communicates this information so non-technical decision makers can understand the relevance to their business. 

Security teams can now work with their business teams to develop effective defence; and opportunities to deliver new business.

Meduza presents your organisation’s IT estate as a familiar environment. For non-technical teams, risk-assessing critical assets becomes intuitive.

Meduza integrates with your existing SIEM investments to make them relevant to your business teams.

Cyber Situational Awareness for Business Leaders
Actionable Cyber Security Strategy

Create cyber-defence strategies with informed and engaged business and executive teams.

Communicating, resourcing and executing strategy is faster and more effective when business teams know the risk situation.

Effective Incident Response
Move quickly to counteract intruders and avoid breaches using your home ground advantage.

In the event of a breach, manage communications with your business, government and media partners with visual representations that communicate what they need to know, fast.